Hoe je van je iPad een videocamera maakt

Fantasie is je enige beperking. En zo als je ziet kun je met vele stukjes hardware en fantasie een ideaal stukje filmgemak verkrijgen.

Via YouTube en 9to5mac.com

1. Attached a tripod for stable shots, pan & tilt camera movements.
2. Use 37 mm conversion lenses, such as wide angle, tele and fisheye.
3. Slide on-the-fly between the built-in lens and the conversion lens.
4. Use shotgun microphones for better sound (requires splitter cable).
5. Use an optical viewfinder to shoot in bright sunlight
6. Use a video light for better performance in low light
7. Easier iMovie editing, with a 9 degrees working angle.
8. The mount allows your iPad to stand upright and be used as monitor.
9. The complimentary iPad app allows you to lock exposure and whitebalans
10. The app also displays realtime audio and battery level.