Srebrenica een HOAX ?

Srebrenica een HOAX ? Uit documenten van de Duitse overheid en andere onderzoeks rapportages blijkt er geen keiharde bewijzen te bestaan voor etnische zuiveringen of volkerenmoord. DKNWZ

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  1. Washington almost invariably supported the Muslims most notably in Bosnia and Kosovo.The Bosnian crisis started when Alija Izetbegovic, the Muslim leader, reneged on an agreement brokered by the European Union that provided for continued power-sharing in Sarajevo. He opted for an unilateral declaration of independence; in making this decision, he was supported by the U.S. Ambassador in Belgrade, Warren Zimmerman. He was acting in line with the Acting Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger, who made it clear that a goal was to mollify the Muslim world and to counter any perception of an anti-Muslim bias regarding American policies in Iraq (Eagleburger’s MacNeil/Lehrer PBS NewsHour interview on October 6, 1992). The subsequent portrayal in the media of the Muslims as innocent martyrs in the cause of multicultural tolerance concealed the fact that the war was primarily religious in nature. Before the first shots were fired, Alija Izetbegovic, proudly proclaimed in his “Islamic Declaration” (1974; republished 1990) that “there can be no peace or coexistence between the Islamic faith and non-Islamic societies and political institutions”: “The Islamic movement should and must start taking power as soon as it is morally and numerically strong enough not only to overthrow the existing non-Islamic power structure, but also to build a great Islamic federation spreading from Morocco to Indonesia, from tropical Africa to Central Asia.”Philippe Morillon:The very first massacres in Bosnia were against Bosnian Serbs. On March 26, 1992, entire Serbian families were massacred in northern Bosnia near Bosanski Brod in the village of Sijekovac. From April 3rd to 6th, 1992, Croatian regular army troops, who had moved illegally across the border into Bosnia, massacred 56 Serbs. On April 4, 1992, armed Bosnian Muslims from Korace killed 117 Serbs, old men, women, and children, who were Serb refugees from Barice and Kostres. Tens if not hundreds of Serbs were killed before the war/conflict in Bosnia even started.The fall of Srebrenica was the result of and a reaction to Bosnian Muslim attacks against Bosnian Serbs in the Srebrenica area.Oric was responsible for several massacres in which dozens of women and children had been killed, and it seemed to me there was more hatred in that one small corner of Bosnia than anywhere else… Mladic wanted to avenge his dead. Srebrenica Myth: The public has been wrongly led to believe that Bosnian-Serbs massacred 8,000 Bosnian-Muslim civilians in a vicious campaign of genocide in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica in July of 1995, but documents found in the archives of the UN war crimes Tribunal in The Hague cast serious doubt on these allegations.Nobody denies the fact that a crime was committed.Executing hostile civilians and enemy POWs is clearly a war crime. In Srebrenica the question is how many people were executed and why? The dispute about what happened in Srebrenica hinges on that question.The Bosnian-Serbs and the Bosnian-Muslims tell two different stories about what happened in Srebrenica. The Bosnian-Muslims say the Serbs rounded up every man and young boy they could get their hands on and murdered them in cold blood. The Bosnian Serbs have never denied executing Bosnian-Muslim men whom they suspected of participating in attacks on Serbian villages, but they insist that the Bosnian-Muslims are exaggerating the scope of the crime and that most of the victims died in combat.Since everybody who was on the ground when this happened is telling a different story, the only recourse is to look at the forensic evidence and draw your own conclusions.Why combat death of Srebrenica Muslim soldiers [monsters,war criminals,hundreds ] is genocide and death of 1300 Srebrenica Serbs [women, children, .. ] is not genocide? The Forensic Evidence: In 2005 the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague compiled a list of 7,661 persons (military and civilian) who went missing and are believed to have been killed when Srebrenica fell to Bosnian-Serb forces in July of 1995. 88% of the identified victims were “military aged” men (i.e. men between the U.S. military’s minimum enlistment age of 17 and the mandatory retirement age of 62).Between 1996 and 2001 a team of investigators led by Australian forensic scientist Dean Manning was employed by the ICTY to exhume graves thought to be associated with the Srebrenica massacre. The team discovered 448 blindfolds and 423 ligatures among the bodies exhumed from the gravesites. They determined that 1,785 individuals died of gunshot wounds, 169 died of probable or possible gunshot wounds, 67 died of Shrapnel wounds or blast injuries, 11 died of gunshot and blast injuries, 6 died of other causes (trauma, suffocation, etc.), and 1441 died of undetermined causes. Investigators also found shell casings among the bodies which indicates that some individuals must have been shot in or near the gravesite. The shell casings were found in the same graves where the blindfolds and ligatures were found. Nobody really knows how many people from Srebrenica were executed, how many died in combat, and how many were collateral damage, but we do know that, contrary to what we’ve been told, most of the victims were military personnel and not civilians.The forensic evidence clearly indicates that a portion of the victims were executed, but it by no means proves that all or even most of them were executed.Genocide is a word with a definition. Just because a crime was committed in Srebrenica, it doesn’t mean that the crime of genocide was committed. The crime of genocide hinges on the intent of the perpetrator. History is loaded with examples of military campaigns with much higher military and civilian death tolls than anything seen in Srebrenica, where nobody alleges genocide (Operation Meetinghouse, the Tet Offensive, the Allied bombing of Dresden, etc…).The Tribunal dismisses the fact that the Bosnian Serb Army transported the Bosnian-Muslim women and children from Srebrenica to safety by ruling that “the offence of genocide does not require proof that the perpetrator chose the most efficient method to accomplish his objective of destroying the targeted part.If one uses the definition of “genocide” concocted by the Tribunal for Srebrenica one could argue that genocide is a feature of practically every military conflict. What happened in Srebrenica was a war crime far more comparable to the 2001 Dasht-i-Leili massacre in Afghanistan than it is to anything that happened during the Holocaust.

    The victims of the Srebrenica massacre fall into three categories: people who were captured and executed, belligerents who were killed in combat, and non-combatants who got caught in the cross-fire. We don’t know how many victims fall into each category because a proper post-mortem forensic examination has not been done for the vast majority of victims. The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) is doing DNA analysis to determine the identity of the victims, but they’re doing absolutely nothing to determine how any of them died, which makes it impossible to say how many of them were victims of a war crime and how many were simply victims of the war or belligerents killed in combat.It’s irresponsible to simply assume that thousands of people were executed without doing a proper investigation to determine the cause of death when there are so many other ways that people could have been killed in a war zone.The truth about what happened in Srebrenica has not been established. The Hague Tribunal has been useful in so far as it has made evidence available to the public, but its biased and malicious interpretation of the evidence has been extremely unhelpful.By affixing the “genocide” label to Srebrenica the Tribunal has undermined the will to do any further investigation into the cause of death of the bodies still being exhumed. Every corpse that is exhumed is assumed to have been executed by the Bosnian-Serbs during the so-called “genocide” even though there is a distinct possibility that they weren’t.The Hague Tribunal entered a finding of “genocide” in Srebrenica without sufficient evidence to back it up. Something happened in Srebrenica, but there’s certainly no evidence to suggest that it was genocide. Unfortunately we’ll probably never know the whole truth because the Tribunal has effectively killed the will to do any further investigation, but maybe that was the plan all along.Gen. Krstic, the first Serb officer convicted as "accessory to genocide" was nowhere near Srebrenica, having taken command on July 20, 1995 (five days after the town was taken). And the ICTY itself admitted that the actual facts of the case remain unknown, but the judges nonetheless believe some 8,000 men were killed. In a true court of law, it doesn't matter what one believes – only what one can prove. And there is simply no proof for the "genocide" in Srebrenica, because it did not happen.In any war truth is the first casualty. Bosnia was no exception.Western policy in the Balkans should be reappraised because to continue encouraging the Muslim sense of pure victimhood notably with the myth of the “genocide” in Srebrenica, and the accompanying US-financed Muslim shrine is to feed the minds of would-be suicide bombers in Sarajevo and Pristina with a political pap that nourishes their hate. The obstacle to doing so is often the apologetics and the tradition of pro-Muslim appeasement of the Clinton decade; but that appeasement must stop. Pandering to Islam’s geopolitical designs in the Balkans, or anywhere else and sacrificing smaller Christian nations in the process, is counterproductive: the morsels will only whet the Islamic appetite, paving the way to a major confrontation some time in this century. Just as the Croatian Ustasha created a shrine in Bleiburg to cast themselves as victims (committing a horrific blasphemy by comparing themselves to Jesus), the shrine to the false genocide in Potocari serves to mask an aggressive ideology – whose insistence on a Muslim-dominated, centralized Bosnian state led to the war in the first place – with a halo of victimhood.The Bleiburg in Potocari is a symbol of the Bosnian War, though not in the way its creators intended. It is a fitting representation of a war steeped in manipulation and lies – an insult not only to the victims of Hitler's "final solution," but to reason and decency as well.From Kosovo in 1999 to the Congo in 2005, Srebrenica is held up as conclusive proof that the West is morally obliged to intervene militarily in conflict situations.

  2. Was 'Srebrenica genocide” a hoax?

    Phillip Corwin, voormalig VN-coördinator voor civiele zaken in Bosnië in de jaren 1990, zei: Wat is er gebeurd in Srebrenica was niet een grote slachting van moslims door de Serviërs, maar eerder een reeks van zeer bloedige aanvallen en tegenaanvallen over een periode van drie jaar die op een crescendo in juli van 1995.Pardon?!Yossef Bodansky, die heeft diverse boeken over de oorlog in Joegoslavië en dient tevens als Research Director van ISSA, roept het 7000 cijfer "desinformatie" en merkt op dat "alle onafhankelijke forensisch bewijsmateriaal wijst op islamitische slachtoffers in de honderden.Wat?!Totaal van 3.215 [dus,geeeen 8000!!!!] organen hebben is begraven op de Srebrenica Memorial begraven. Honderd overledende burgers zijn overgebracht naar de Srebrenica Memorial begraven uit andere begraafplaatsen, en reburied met islamitische burial rituelen,en ze zijn nu schlahtovers van genocide.Veel graven behoren toe aan moslims die al in 1992 werden overleden, in de omgeving van Screbrenica,veel van hen is gesneuveld,en hun lichamen werden na de oorlog gevonden, geïdentificeerd en in Srebrenica Memorial begraven..Erdemovic die is veroordeeld in Den Haag, verklaarde op zijn proces: Ik weet dat het Servische commando waarschuwde ons voor de behandeling van burgers en oorlog gevangenen in Srebrenica volgens de regels en humaan,en dat alle [Servische] soldaten moeten gedragen volgens het internationaal humanitair recht en het Verdrag van Genève.Wat?

    Tussen 100 en 200 blinddoekt en ligaturen zijn exhumed met organen door het Joegoslavië-tribunaal, en als Dr Stankovic[patholoog] merkt, zijn dit zeker tekenen van executie.Dus, wraak, niet van onschuldige burgers,maar oorlogsmisdadigers,en oorlogsmisdadigers zijn nooit slachtoffers geweest!!]. Ondanks DNA testen, op slechts 200 organen zijn verbonden met Srebrenica.Wat?! .Bosnische generaal Rasim Delic, zei tijdens een openbare zitting van het parlement in Sarajevo dat de terugtrekking van de 28ste Bergdivisie[moslim] uit Srebrenica succesvol was verlopen.Wat!? Vindt U het niet uiterst merkwaardig dat er meteen, nadrukkelijk en voortdurend na de val van Srebenica via alle media over 8000 tot 10000 vermoorde moslims werd gesproken terwijl dat nu nog steeds niet bewezen is? VN commissie NIET ging om het aantal slachtoffers maar alleen het aantal VERMISTEN! Waar is uw morele verontwaardiging over de zeer goed gedocumenteerde bewijzen van ruim 1300 Servische ongewapende burgers afgeslacht met ijzeren staven, bijlen, messen, sledehammers, vlammenwerpers, enz., over een periode van drie jaar in Srebrenica en de omliggende dorpen door Bosnische moslim troepen en jihadstrijders onder bevel van Naser Oric? Oh ja, sorry ik ben vergeten de slachtoffers waren slechts de demonized Serviërs, zodat hij niet rekenen, hè?

  3. Als dit waarheidsgetrouwe informatie is dan kan Milosevic alsnog postuum een echt "Karremans-gevoel" krijgen?

    Gelukkig hebben we de foto's nog šŸ˜‰

  4. weet je wat dat is, een ver van mijn bed schouw. Nou is NL ook aan het kampen met het probleem moslim en dan is het pijnlijk om aan fouten toe te geven die gemaakt zijn in zaak Srebrenica.

  5. Ik heb het verhaal helemaal doorgelezen. Ik heb het toen op de voet gevolgd wat ook niet zo vreemd is ik kom uit voormalige Joegoslavië. Wat daar staat is voor mij niet vreemd en of het ooit openbaar zal worden gemaakt weet ik niet. Wat je in het verhaal kan lezen zijn het maar een aantal feiten over Srebrenica terwijl oorlog van voormalige Joegoslavië meer onrechtvaardigheden verbergt die nu als waarheid worden bestempeld terwijl dat niet zo is.

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